Almighty Homecare Services COVID-19 Specific Measures

There are measures Almighty Homecare Services has taken to prevent the further spread of the virus or to help protect ourselves & vulnerable patients in the course of a long-term care

As a home care provider, we’ve prepared our caregivers and care managers with the tools they need to care for their clients during this trying time. Clients, caregivers, and care managers all need to be working together by doing their part individually, but we’re doing all we can to make our services as safe as possible and to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Some of the extra measures we’ve taken include:

Some of the extra measures we’ve taken include:

  • Use household cleaning products that destroy the virus
  • Employee self-quarantines for those who have been out of the country
  • Increasing the cleaning frequency of all public areas
  • Preparing emergency prep for clients including food stocking and security measures
  • Planning for the worst-case scenario
  • Actively changing protocol, procedures, and communication methods as the situation develops and new information is received

In terms, of Covid19 measures we have in place , we have the contactless intake and evaluation.

All of our employees wear masks , whether vaccinated or not (as we do not require vaccination)

We match one primary caregiver/home assistant per client and one secondary if a 7 day schedule is in place.

We will test weekly and keep on file per caregiver

We will keep current covid19 test results on file for every employee if not vaccinated .

We practice hand washing techniques throughout every shift. Also wearing gloves and equipped with personal hand sanitizer

Light housekeeping will include a wipe down through shifts

We will continue to stay in touch with the Public Health officials for the latest information that may be pertinent to our industry.